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Headshot of Mirina Garoufalidis, founder of Mirina Designs. The image shows Mirina smiling, wearing a shirt from her COMFY collection, with deep purple hair.

Hey there! My name is Mirina Garoufalidis and welcome to my happy place :) This graphic design studio has all my love poured into it.


Under the name Mirina Designs, I offer website design, logos and brand design, and other services for small business owners. It’s my goal to bring other entrepreneurs, local companies, and projects to the next level through bold and beautiful design. Because what fun is it to grow all by yourself?


I’m also an artist, which is my way of nourishing my soul while making my dreams come true at the same time. I love to paint, draw, and print, and I especially love to make patterns. If I can make you a design that also works as a pattern, freaking even better! 


Creativity is my superpower that allows me to heal, communicate, transform feeling into meaning, and design for your business in a way that makes people eager to engage with what you do. I believe lending you this skill works to our mutual benefit.


Creativity and imagination go hand in hand. I wish to see a better future, one filled with free-er people working in their own communities to provide more healing to each other and to the earth. I see a future with completely different economies, one where we depend on each other instead of corporations and prioritize healing over punishment. This is my way of making that future happen. I hope you feel that in the work I do.


Please read my business values and vision to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Anti-capitalism and anti-colonization

  • My work stems from the recognition that capitalism/colonization are at the roots of most harm in today’s world. I am uninterested in exploitative labor, hierarchy & control, and the pillaging of our natural world for wealth. My work is dedicated to uprooting these structures of harm, and creating new systems that prioritize honesty, care for each other (including our plant & animal friends), and honoring our own capacities.

Listening to our bodies

  • Our bodies hold wisdom that kept our ancestors alive and brought us here today. Much of our work under capitalism operates on suppressing the messages our bodies send us. In my design work, I prioritize listening to my body and taking time to rest, grieve, and reflect. This allows me to bring my full creative power to my design hours, and better yet, it feels right.


  • Healing is both a privilege and a necessity for transforming patterns of harm. The work I do here and in my personal life is always centered in care & healing. To me this looks like making sure people are fed & rested, addressing generational traumas, and making safe spaces for the community to process conflicts and feelings. 



  • Design is inherently collaborative: two (or more) people come together and share their skills to realize a collective vision. I bring my craft of visuals, and you bring imagination, feedback and expertise in your field. I want all parties to have choice in the design process, and my fundamental goal is to create something we are all satisfied with.


The goal of Mirina Designs is to create a future I want to live in. Let me invite you into my dreams of this future:


“Long ago, we recognized that the state will never protect us as its only interest is protecting stolen wealth and power. We shifted our focus to providing for each other. We share resources. We’ve built relationships of trust, because that is something they can never take from us. We cook food together and distribute it to those who need it. We have created new economies dependent on our communal network as opposed to exploitative corporations. Each day, we practice radical imagination. We honor the wisdom of our bodies by putting our actions behind it. And when there is loss and devastation, it makes us stronger because we come together.”


This is a vision that takes time to build, and yet we are already building it. I began orienting my life to this vision over three years ago, and it’s coming to life through daily practice. If this is a vision you share, I invite you to build community and share your vision of the future with me!


Design is one of the tangible ways I help paint our collective dreams into reality.


I live and work in the Southeast, specifically on the lands of the Mvskoke Creek, in a place they call East Point, GA (shoutout to Andre 3000!). Being in right relationship with the land for me means getting to know our water systems and plant life, and learning how to sustain it. The watershed in my neighborhood is Sweetwater Creek. Next door to us is the Weelaunee River, also known as South River. Weelaunee River has become polluted and ignored at an unprecedented level from the EPA, and the land responsible for filtering said pollutants (Intrenchment Creek Park) out was recently swapped for free to movie studio owner Ryan Millsap. There are many local organizations and movements fighting for our environment and against the real threat of state violence. Check out Stop Cop City and the South River Watershed Alliance for more.

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