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Hey there! My name is Mirina Garoufalidis and welcome to my happy place :) This graphic design studio has all my love poured into it.


Under the name Mirina Designs, I offer website design, logos and brand design, and other services for small business owners. It’s my goal to bring other entrepreneurs, local companies, and projects to the next level through bold and beautiful design. Because what fun is it to grow all by yourself?


I’m also an artist, which is my way of nourishing my soul while making my dreams come true at the same time. I love to paint, draw, and print, and I especially love to make patterns. If I can make you a design that also works as a pattern, freaking even better! 


Creativity is my superpower that allows me to heal, communicate, transform feeling into meaning, and design for your business in a way that makes people eager to engage with what you do. I believe lending you this skill works to our mutual benefit.


Creativity and imagination go hand in hand. I wish to see a better future, one filled with free-er people working in their own communities to provide more healing to each other and to the earth. I see a future with completely different economies, one where we depend on each other instead of corporations and prioritize healing over punishment. This is my way of making that future happen. I hope you feel that in the work I do.


What are you waiting for?

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