a wearable art collection by Mirina Designs


I named this collection I JUST WANNA BE COMFORTABLE after tiring of the tight waistbands and uncomfortable clothes women are expected to wear. My body has spoken loud and clear that it wants no more belts, cinched waistlines, or clothes that squeeze tightly on my digestive tract.


This project is even more special to me because the patterns are inspired by affirmations I wrote to myself as part of my healing journey. It’s about my power, the magic of believing in ourselves, and sharing that with you all. Click here to read these affirmations & learn more.

Each piece of this collection is custom printed (by me!). This means you get to pick the print & color of your choice, in all of the lilac pieces. The black longsleeve and sweats are printed in white only, but you still get to choose the pattern. See the collection patterns + colors in more detail.

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