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It has always been my dream to write a cookbook, and to make that dream even tastier, to illustrate & design the book as well! This project is something I've been working on for years & it gives me such joy to build this book. Most recipes are unedited so far, but when I have time I work on editing, illustrating & designing the recipe layouts.
All illustrations, recipes, layouts are created by me, Mirina.
happy cucumbers.jpg
edited_butternut squash.jpg
edited_coconut milk.jpg
edited_mango rice.jpg
The food in this cookbook is based on simple recipes for two, often vegetarian, and being easily conquerable for a busy person. As I tend to run with a full schedule, these recipes are oriented around meal-prepping for one person, and shouldn't take more than an hour to make.
butternut squash recipe.jpg
Wanna taste test? Check out this free download!
If you made the recipe, email us back at with a picture & some feedback.
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