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Web & UX Design

Web & UX Design is my happy place. I love making website, apps, and other things that people interact with more intuitive and appealing.

I focused on UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) Design in my education at Georgia Tech, and from that I've learned to work iteratively (in sprints) and how to design every step of the way, from prototypes to ready-to-use product.


Website re-design

For new businesses that have yet to make a website or feel overwhelmed designing their own

Full Website Design

Transform your website that needs a little love with a re-design! A complete re-vamp to make your online presence more professional and current

Troubleshooting & solving user interaction problems. For larger websites involving more complex tasks. User testing & research will pave the way for an easy-to-use and pleasing interaction with your website.

portfolio website mockup2.jpg

User Testing & Research

Work Samples

edited_squares pg2.png
edited_squares pg1.png

Portfolio website

edited_floodAR cat2.png
edited_floodAR cat4.png
edited_floodAR location3.png

FloodAR mobile app

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