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FloodAR mobile app

UI/UX Design
User Testing

Made the users' interaction with our app intuitive and visually pleasing. Designed so that interaction with a tech-heavy app was easier and more accessible to use.

app on desk.jpg

The FloodAR was created to help people visualize flooding risks in coastal communities. Our team partnered with Chatham County, where Savannah, GA resides in order to create a tool people could "see" what flooding looks like after different storms.

People interacting with out app could browse past storms like Hurricane Michael, and also visualize what a Category 1-5 storm would look like through Augmented Reality (AR). 

My role on the team was to create prototypes and test the user experience of interacting with the app alongside development, and troubleshoot major problems before we were too deep into the code. With my contribution of UI/UX Design, we were able to solve problems through mockups before the coding team has irreversibly invested in a design.

prototype version I
basic template

edited_floodAR v1.png

how you change your location

switches the view to a 3D map of flooding

turns on the Augmented Reality (AR) visualization tool

button for help and to give more information on flooding risks from climate change

card swipes up to show flooding level slider and display information about storms

prototype version I
choosing color of water

edited_floodAR water1.png
edited_floodAR water2.png
edited_floodAR water3.png

chosen color

prototype version II
adjusting water level

edited_floodAR cat2.png
edited_floodAR cat5.png
edited_floodAR cat4.png

prototype version III
selecting map button

This mockup was made to simulate the action of clicking on the map icon to change your location.

In this version we also got rid of the 3D button because it was too difficult to implement in code.

edited_floodAR location1.png

user clicks the map icon

edited_floodAR location2.png

user enters their correct location and clicks the "correct location" button

edited_floodAR location3.png

confirmation that location changed. no feedback can leave the user unsure it did anything.

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