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Budgeting 101 Zine, Volume 1 of the Financial Independence Zines.


This 16-page zine includes budgeting & saving tactics, monthly and weekly budget templates, and other tips for gaining control of your finances. Budgeting 101 is targeted towards people who are new to budgeting & saving, especially younger folks. It's never too early (or too late!) to learn how to manage your money in a sustainable way.


This item is priced on a sliding scale because it's important that this information remains accessible. Feel free to select the tier you can afford. (Inspired by Atplanta's sliding scale approach)


Tier 1

  • Little or no savings
  • Have stress meeting basic needs
  • May have debt that gets in the way of saving $


Tier 2

  • Some savings
  • Have some money for spending 
  • Money habits may not be future-oriented (retirement, saving for a specific goal)


Tier 3

  • Spending money is not an issue
  • Savings will protect you in an emergency situation
  • Have a retirement plan


If placing a bulk order for educational purposes, you can email us at for custom pricing, or select a variety of tiers to get a price you can afford.



Written by Mirina Garoufalidis

Font by Mirina Designs

Layout design by Mirina Designs

Printed by Mirina Designs

Budgeting Zine

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