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Thank You Cards

This project was the first-ever Mirina Designs commission, and what a beauty it turned out to be! My client asked for 75 thank you cards with a custom design and gave me free rein to create whatever I wanted. The first round of cards brought the leaf print to life, and the second round birthed the rose print. 

The design was created by sketching on a linoleum block and carving out the negative spaces with a tool: what remains is the positive space and what is carved out is the negative space. I then rolled the ink over the block and pressed the carving onto the paper to create the print. All 75 cards were cut, folded and hand-printed by me.

edited_thank you tree2.jpg
edited_thank you rose1.jpg
edited_thank you rose3.jpg
edited_thank you both.jpg
edited_tree thank you1.jpg
edited_thank you rose2.jpg
edited_tree thank you2.jpg

While this may not have been the most efficient process, the cards were beautiful and each one was unique. Afterwards I digitized the design and had a local printer print the new cards in different colors. Now these cards are available online and can be printed in custom colors too!

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