Resource bank from my personal journey of learning about decolonization, led by Black and native voices. Shoutout to Design to Divest for sparking this joy of healing for me :)


There’s something for everybody here! To share any additional resources with us you can email us at


Black-led design education and history:



Mental health resources (centered on BIPOC):


Mutual aid resources:


Centering your learning & news intake around Black leaders:


History told from a different, less white, perspective:


On why the wealth gap exists, and reparations


Shopping Black owned:


Accounts highlighting trans experiences, opportunities for wealth redistribution:


Opening your eyes:


A history of police violence:

  • Breathing room, a place to learn about police violence and how to become more active against it (4 lessons)

  • Mapping Police Violence, a database that documents current & past police violence


Abolition in action:



Black food authors:

  • In Bibi’s Kitchen, a truly delicious cookbook with recipes from grandmothers from 8 African countries touching the Indian Ocean

  • For the Culture Food Mag, a magazine celebrating Black women and femmes in food

  • Yewande Komolafe, a Nigerian-American chef working for NYTimes (search her on youtube for some great recipes!)

  • Hawa Hassan, author of In Bibi’s Kitchen

  • Whetstone magazine, a publication founded by Stephen Satterfield that seeks to explore the origins of food

  • High on the Hog, a series on Netflix that tells the long-silenced history of African-American cooking with beauty and loving care