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Beautiful things that have transformed me. Some really awesome people (Healing Journey is my favorite favoritest) and organizations rooted in decolonization. This is the future! Sharing resources is the revolution!


Transformation work:

  • Finding Our Way podcast, a podcast more about questions than answers, that guides us through introspection and healing in pursuit of building the futures we want to see

  • Emergent Strategy book by adrienne maree brown, the book that first showed me my power, and that if we want to change the world, we must first change with ourselves.

  • Institute for Development of Human Arts (IDHA), a learning space for transformational mental health offering classes, an affiliate event calendar and resource library. A true portal of sweet connection!

  • The Embodiment Institute, a BIPOC-led somatics educational space offering courses in embodiment and a virtual practice space called The Practice Ground

  • How To Survive The End of The World podcast, hosted by sisters adrienne and autumn brown. Called life saving by many listeners, this podcast brings a hopeful perspective many of the questions we ask in building a free-er future.

  • The Body Is Not an Apology book by the fabulous Sonya Renee Taylor, on learning to radically love yourself in a system that is against it 


Resources for fellow designers:


Local orgs that practice mutual aid (and some of my favorite Atlanta humans <3):

  • Mariposas Rebeldes, a latine & trans led group of butterflies in Atlanta who restore relationship with our earth and throw really bomb parties in support of that.

  • Free 99 Fridge, a network of community-run free fridges in the Atlanta area.

  • Atplanta, a sliding scale vegetable garden service in Atlanta.

  • Black Femme Gardens, a garden builder oriented towards helping Black folks in Atlanta build gardens for free or at low cost, and taking donations from white folks & people with wealth.

What is Mutual Aid?


Centering your learning & news intake around Black leaders:



Shopping Black owned:


Wealth redistribution places:


In Curiosity:


In Learning:

  • Breathing room, a place to learn about police violence and how to become more active against it (4 lessons)

  • Mapping Police Violence, a database that documents current & past police violence


In Practice:



BIPOC-centered food media:

  • For the Culture Food Mag, a magazine celebrating Black women and femmes in food

  • Whetstone magazine, a publication founded by Stephen Satterfield that seeks to explore the origins of food

  • High on the Hog, a series on Netflix that tells the long-silenced history of African-American cooking with beauty and loving care

  • Yewande Komolafe, a Nigerian-American chef working for NYTimes (search her on youtube for some great recipes!)

  • Hawa Hassan, author of In Bibi’s Kitchen.

Rad cookbooks that have nurtured my soul:

  • Foods of the Greek Islands, MY FAVORITE cookbook, childhood nostalgia, actually authentic Greek recipes.

  • Zaitoun, cookbook by Yasmin Khan, who shares recipes and stories from Palestinian kitchens. A beacon of hope in the midst of grief and anger at the structures of harm in our world.

  • Ripe Figs, cookbook by Yasmin Khan, who centers the stories of migrants in East Mediterranean and the way they provide care for each other. Truly comfort food.

  • In Bibi’s Kitchen, a truly delicious cookbook with recipes from grandmothers from 8 African countries touching the Indian Ocean

  • Black Food, curated by Bryant Terry, proof that sometimes you can judge a book by its very gorgeous cover. Also, contains poetry, spells and a playlist?!

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